Your Customer Loyalty Solution

Program Features


We highly recommend you use Cent$ible Rewards™ to combine email and mail to seemlessly deliver all earned rewards to your members. Your issued rewards will be in your customer's hands in the most cost-effective delivery method. There are a variety of templates and formats to choose from and you can custom design one to your own specifications. Each method carries its own safeguards to help prevent fraud. You can also select to only email or only mail your award certificates so there are options in this reward category.

With your Instant Issue program, when the reward is earned, it will automatically print on the member’s receipt.

With your Stored Rewards program, the member’s reward is stored right on the card and can be redeemed during any visit.

Members who download your mobile app will be able to view their rewards, gift card balances, and offers right on their smartphone or tablet.

For all unredeemed rewards, you may choose to email or mail a reminder that the member has an "amnesty period" in which to use them.


How to reward your customers:

  • Dollar
  • Product/Service
  • Milestone
  • Combination (interim)
  • Accumulate points and redeem them at will

The rewards are not only a great way to thank your customers, but it is an excellent opportunity to give them a reason to come back and spend more money!

On average, 82% of reward certificates are redeemed. And, those members who visit with a reward spend up to four times more than your members without a reward. You will even see a pie-chart representation for the results of your award program on your website. You'll be amazed at your ROI.

Best Performing Vehicles

Our most successful communications include Birthday and Anniversary. These are the two most popular, guaranteed to generate more traffic and more dollars. It’s a great way to let your members know you are thinking about them, while also encouraging them to come back to celebrate their special occasion with you. RepeatRewards® will send each offer by email, mail, or Cent$ible Marketing® to qualifying customers to arrive at the appropriate time. We offer other recurring vehicles (like ½ birthdays, date night, Welcome, Lost Customer, etc.) and a variety of holiday/events (like Thanksgiving, Mothers or Fathers Day, Graduation, Back-to-School, and customer appreciation sales or open houses.)

Email Marketing

As part of your total marketing solution team, RepeatRewards will help you automatically email your loyalty members. Communicating through emails is part of your multi-channel marketing solution. And why stop at just your loyalty members? You may choose to send email messages to non-loyalty members, prospects, and anyone who has joined your list to receive your communications.

Email is a cost-effective way to communicate with your members. We offer weekly, twice a month, monthly, recurring, or “one-off” programs where you can enhance your business and promote its special offerings or events to all your members who opt-in.

RepeatRewards offers a free email marketing account with a 96-99% delivery rate. You will choose from several email templates that will include your logo, business name and a preset message, where all you have to do is fill in your offer. You will even include the member’s current point balance and how far your member is from their next reward - another reason for them to open your message!

The best part is that members "opt-in" when they sign up for RepeatRewards making this a true "permission-based" program.

We provide detailed reports that show the number sent per campaign, opens, bounces, and opt-outs. You can even add a RepeatRewards promo code to help you track your results.

Brand Your Loyalty Program

Your brand resides within the hearts and minds of your customers. A strong brand is priceless as the battle for customers intensifies day by day. It's important to spend time investing in building your brand. After all your entire brand is the source of credibility and commitment to your customer. It's a key fixture and you will want to promote your loyalty program with the same impact that your other marketing communications have.

The objectives that a good brand will achieve include:

  • Delivers a clear message
  • User loyalty
  • Connects your target customers emotionally
  • Motivates your buyer
  • Confirms your credibility

Use your brand for the following marketing communications:

  • Mobile app
  • Enrollment Brochures/Profiles
  • Emails
  • In-store signage
  • Award Letter/Envelope
  • Postcards
  • Membership cards and brochures
  • Member Website

Your Account Manager

When you join the RepeatRewards program, you are assigned an account manager who will help you start and implement your program by sharing knowledge of what works and what doesn’t. You don’t have to reinvent the wheel. Your account manager is available to give suggestions and provide ideas on how to best promote your business.

Your account manager is there for you, M-F 8:00am-4:30pm Central Time.

Merchant Website

RepeatRewards gives you incredible control over your program, all within your very own RepeatRewards Merchant Website.

Your safe and secure website can be used to:

  • Manage your RepeatRewards program.
  • Use "quick" links and search your database.
  • Manage loyalty and non-loyalty members, complete with member statistics.
  • Data Analysis. View easy to understand reports about your program and mailing results.
  • View your billing information.
  • Manage your marketing solutions.
  • View helpful marketing articles.
  • And much, much more.

The RepeatRewards Merchant Website is easy to use. On the 'dashboard,' you receive a summary of all reward members' activity such as your total active members and the amount they spent. You also see a complete breakdown of your current and upcoming communications.

One of the most attractive elements of your Merchant Website is that you are able to understand who your members are, what they purchase, and when. With one click you can see who your most important customers are.

Member Website

Your members view their personal recap on or you can direct them to your own home page (where we will supply you with a link.) Members can view their current point balance, recent transactions, recent certificates issued and redeemed, store/restaurant information, and view internet specials!

Features of

  • Available for your members 24/7, every day of the year.
  • Your members create their own user name and password. The website is SSL Secured (128 bit), to protect the member's confidential information.
  • Member’s home page shows your company logo, name, address and contact information. If you have multiple locations, each address/phone number is displayed.
  • There is an "internet specials" link that opens your special offers or announcements.
  • Entice your members to update their existing information or add missing information by supplying new addresses, phone numbers, or email addresses. We can even help offer an incentive by giving them points for this activity.
  • Ask us how you can "brand" your customers' experience.


Through your Merchant Site you will be able to view in-depth program analysis using over 20 different available reports. We will show you how many e-mails were sent out, delivered, who opened them and when, who opted-out, bad addresses, and if the e-mail has "bounced" back. For direct mail pieces we will show you how many were mailed and how many were redeemed. With this information you will also have access to how much was spent when the offer/award was redeemed and an ROI figure to help you begin to understand you customers’ behaviors!

As soon as we launched RepeatRewards in 2001, we showed owners how their customer's rewards redemption resulted in a huge ROI. With every rewards distribution, we set aside a "control group" comprised of the same number of members who didn't receive a reward in that particular time cycle. By comparing the two groups, we graphically show you how much your members spend when they return WITH a reward vs. when they purchase without one. The results are unbelievable – in some cases, your members will spend as much as five times more using their reward.

We also report an "indicator" analysis that shows a "soft" response on member communications. We can analyze customer spending behavior by comparing their transactional data to the mail files of unexpired rewards and offers.

Customer Lists

Let RepeatRewards do the work for you! As part of your customer loyalty solutions team, RepeatRewards offers you a place to keep track of your loyalty and non-loyalty members.

Manage your customer or prospect lists in one place.

Upload multiple lists into the RepeatRewards website, or we can do it for you. You can view, edit, or add people at any time via your RepeatRewards Merchant website.


  • Automatically mail any communication to your customer or prospect list(s).
  • Automatically standardize and update each address according to current postal regulations.
  • Maintain as many lists as you choose, each with a unique nomenclature you assign.
  • Multiple customer lists loaded at once.
  • Duplicate elimination performed prior to mailings.
  • Track how many offers were redeemed, who returned them, average dollars spent, and your ROI through powerful reports.

Program Components

When you sign up with RepeatRewards Loyalty Program you will receive:

  • Various data collection methods including:
    • POS integration (ask us which systems are on board)
    • EZLink or Virtual Terminal (use your POS system or a PC to record and upload transactions)
    • EZLink for Smartphones and tablets
    • Terminals to record your transactions
  • An assigned account manager
  • Signage to encourage your customers to enroll in your program
  • Training to familiarize your staff with your new program
  • Buttons for your staff
  • Custom program brochure & acrylic display with "backer"
  • Membership cards and profiles (program applications) to use for enrollment (other options available)
  • Access to your RepeatRewards Merchant Website
  • Training
  • User manual
  • Helpful advice about marketing

Tracking Email & Mail

Know more about your member communications.

RepeatRewards offers you valuable information about each of your email and mail campaigns, allowing you to determine the effectiveness of each mailing.

  • Who received your communication?
  • Who responded to your communication?
  • How much each member spent?
  • What each member purchased?
  • Your ROI on each mailing?
  • Through RepeatRewards’ extensive tracking capabilities, all of these questions will be answered.

Address “Auto Correct” & NCOA Processing

Your new or updated addresses are automatically corrected. RepeatRewards standardizes each address according to current postal regulations. This service fixes incorrect information, such as a missing/incorrect zip code and directional, or a misspelled street name, and verifies the house number range. You won’t spend money to mail an undeliverable address. And a report is available that lists your bad addresses so you can contact your member for updated information. This service is included with your monthly fee.

In addition, we will submit your database four times per year for NCOA (National Change of Address) service which complies with postal regulations and helps you keep your list updated with new mover’s addresses. This requires no work on your part as our system is entirely automated and included with your monthly fee.

“My customers can even check out their points earned online. My low-technology staff has found it very easy to learn. When there has been a problem, it was taken care of quickly and in a very friendly manner.”
Mike Vogel, Vogel & Fosters